A little well-timed pruning goes a long way toward improving your landscape and protecting your investment, there are many good reasons to prune:
  • Properly pruned shrubs and trees look more attractive, and grow healthier and more vigorously. are more susceptible to damage from disease and insects.
  • When you prune plants to let in more air and light, surrounding plants and turf grass often benefit.
  • Pruning removes dead, diseased, and/or broken branches and weak limbs.
  • Left unchecked, trees and shrubs can outgrow their locations, becoming unsightly.
  • Pruning removes branches and limbs that pose a hazard to people, homes, or power lines.
  • As winter approaches, many parts of Florida are still under moderate to severe drought conditions, be sure to continue watering into the winter months.
  • In the Winter Season, many plants lose their leaves, making it easier to see the framework of the plant and decide which branches to shorten or remove toward improving the overall structure and appearance of the plant. It also injures the plants less to prune them when they are dormant.
  • If winter rains are few and far between, supplement the water going to newly planted trees and shrubs. Even though the parts of plants above ground are dormant, the roots continue to grow if adequate moisture is available.
  • If you haven't already, winter is a good time to place mulch around your landscape plants. But here’s a trick: wait until all the leaves from surrounding trees and shrubs have fallen before you spread your mulch. If the leaves are not too thick, bury the leaves beneath the mulch instead of removing them. The mulched area will look better longer because the mulch is leaf-free.
  • Every lawn has basic needs that must be met to keep it healthy and beautiful. Most lawn diseases are caused by fungi, grubs and chinch bugs although grass species vary in their susceptibility to particular diseases. Although their causes, symptoms, and treatments may vary, basics such as proper mowing and watering can help bolster your lawn's resistance to disease. Drought is dangerous for any landscape, because drought-stressed lawns are more susceptible to damage from disease and insects.
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"Thanks for working with us on this project.  You and your crew did an excellent job and saved us many back breaking leans.  Our yard looks so much nicer and professionally manicured thanks to you!  We will definitely have you back to work on future projects."

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