Plant Care Instructions

Upon installation, water plants once a day every day for a week. Then every other day for two more weeks. On the fourth week, water every third day. At the end of the fourth week, cut back watering to your county restriction. Remember, these are just guidelines, a change in the weather may call for adjustments in your watering routine. The time per zone depends on material type. If you start to see any type of pests, please contact your local pest control company for their recommended treatment. We do not warranty anything pest or mother nature related. If a plant begins to look poor, please notify us immediately so we can possibly bring it back to good health. If it then continues to go down hill and dies, we will warranty the plant itself for three months(trees have a six month warranty). If you are on a well, make sure you water with untreated water only.

Sod Care Instructions

Water all types of new grass every day for thirty days. All Floratam(St. Augustine) sod must be sprayed immediately after our installation by a professional pest control company. There is a thirty day warranty on the sod as long as it’s been maintained properly. Must have proof of receipt from a pest control company for the warranty of St. Augustine. Continue watering one to two times per week thereafter.